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SEO content writing involves creating engaging content for visitors and following SEO best practices. This will ensure that your content is easily found by search engines and attracts qualified visitors.

SEO content writing services are essential to any digital marketing program.

 Intentional High-Quality Content Drives SEO  

Quantity-over-quality copywriting is obsolete. The content writing services of yesteryear are not sufficient for today’s SEO strategy. Modern search engines use complex algorithms to distinguish relevant and valuable online marketing content from outdated SEO practices. It is now a bad idea to insert keywords in shallow content. This will only damage your brand’s position on search engine result pages (SERPs), and your target audience’s perceptions. Every Kabod’s SEO writer has been trained in the most current best practices and incorporates cutting-edge marketing strategies to increase your online presence and meet your readers’ needs. Our professional writers combine journalism, creativity, and digital marketing expertise to ensure that every piece of marketing is on the right track, no matter what type it may be.

Kabod strategists, writers, and consultants collaborate to create a content marketing strategy that connects with potential customers. This results in website content that ranks high on the SERPs. Search engine optimization is a key component of your brand’s success.

Kabod SEO content writing services give your site the opportunity to rank on Page 1, drive traffic & capture leads.

Searcher Intent

Keyword stuffing and other black-hat SEO techniques are no longer acceptable to search engines. An “SEO article” that is loaded with search terms can do more damage than good to your SEO efforts. Modern search engines are more concerned with searcher intent. Your website content should answer the questions of your audience. Our SEO experts will help you meet searcher intent for every keyword you target. We believe that one keyword should be used in each blog post or landing page. There is no need to write endless articles with many keywords. High-quality content that serves searcher intent converts visitors to clients and keeps your website afloat in the digital sea. Our SEO content writers are dedicated to ensuring that your content marketing is relevant to your target audience, from commercial queries to informational search queries.


Search Performance Briefs

The Search Performance Brief (SPB), which is our proprietary tool, is the pinnacle of SEO content writing. Your content strategist will identify keywords that your site can rank for and that are relevant or have commercial intent for your brand. Advanced analysis is then performed to determine the top-20 topics being discussed. This complete blueprint will allow your writer to create the best piece of content possible for each topic. The SPB will include keyword data, SERP targeting direction, and TF-IDF (term-inverse-document frequency) evaluation details. Your dedicated SEO content writer will then weave this information, along with your brand guidelines, into the best piece of content available for your target keyword. This is SEO content writing at its best.

Content Mapping  

SEO copy, from blog posts to downloadable content (e.g. white papers) that does not receive an SPB is eligible for one. Our SEO content writers map out every piece of SEO copy that doesn’t receive an SPB — from blog posts to gated downloadable assets (e.g. white papers and ebooks) — to make sure it meets searcher intent and supports your business goals. Only data-driven content creation can optimize copywriting to perform well in search engines and drive qualified traffic to your site. As client advocates, project managers are available to review every article outline for potential audience engagement and SEO. After multiple rounds of editing and revisions, the content is delivered using our proprietary software.

SEO Expertise

The Kabod team includes certified strategists and consultants who are skilled in creating effective content strategies to improve SEO. Your team will implement long-term, organic action plans that align with your business objectives. Your team will provide you with online marketing insights and use industry-leading software products as well as content development services to help support your digital marketing efforts. We provide more than just regular metrics reports that detail your SEO progress and return of investment. We also perform a competitive content analysis to identify possible SEO opportunities and ensure you are not behind the curve.

Media Boosts SEO

To rank well in search engines, you must write quality content. Websites with visual marketing assets are given preference by modern search engines. These include custom images, infographics and live video. Visual content marketing helps website visitors engage and makes your content stand out among the rest. Do not settle for an SEO service that cannot also do visual content marketing. Multimedia content can enhance your SEO strategy and improve your content strategy.

Graphic Design

The design makes you human. Great design makes you memorable. Kabod's unlimited graphics design service can produce artwork that reinforces your brand message and captures the attention your potential customers.

Social SEO Opportunity

Our social media strategists design strong campaigns to increase website traffic, brand awareness, grow social networks, and show thought leadership. Social strategies, in conjunction with content marketing efforts that are website-focused, increase online presence and target potential customers wherever they spend their time.

Make Sure Your SEO Stays Strong

Kabod is not only in the article writing business. Our team of SEO strategists, writers, and consultants are experts in keeping up-to-date with the latest changes to SEO, as well as providing recommendations to clients for making search strategies more effective for their business. Our SEO copy optimization services ensure that you have the best digital marketing strategy. It is content creation that serves a purpose.

Lead Magnet Creation

A lead magnet is just what it sounds like. It's a tool that you use to attract leads or clients. Kabods lead magnet content will incentivize leads, impress prospects, and prove your worth. This is how SQLs are generated.

UX Has an Impact on SEO

User Experience design is essential for SEO. It's important for both guiding visitors and keeping them on the site. The most important SEO ranking factor is organic sharing. UX also plays a significant role in whether people share your website with others. SEO consultants can help you identify any potential issues with your website's UX and suggest fixes that will make it more shareable. To resolve any issues that may be preventing your SEO efforts, our consultants will also perform a professional health check on your website.

Video Services

93% of brands have acquired customers via social media video. Video ads are the number one way that consumers discover new brands. Consumers discover new brands through video ads. 84% of consumers believe that a brand's video convinced them to purchase a product.

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